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Introduction to SPARC International

Welcome to the new SPARC International blog for SPARC-related news, updates, and commentary.

This is Morgan Slain, Chief Executive Officer of SPARC International.

SPARC International was created in 1989 as an independent, non-profit organization to oversee and guide the SPARC evolution. Our IP consists of the SPARC Instruction Set Architecture, SPARC trademarks, and SPARC derivative trademarks. The organization is funded entirely by our members in support of SPARC architecture and its Open Standards technology.

SPARC International fosters innovation of SPARC by offering testing and branding programs, and, by promoting and protecting SPARC and SPARC-related brand names. The organization maintains this openly and cooperatively defined technology by using its membership fees to ensure that SPARC maintains continuity with the industry standards of binary compatibility. It is this organizations sole responsibility to clarify these definitions which are made available for free download from our web site. You do not have to be a member to download. However, becoming a member provides your company the choice to test and brand products based on the SPARC architecture.

Today, SPARC is one of the foundation architectures in the computer industry with SPARC trademarks registered in over 160 countries worldwide. SPARC architecture proved to be the most widely accepted technology for systems in the financial, academic, industrial, mission critical, and certainly the Internet market. SPARC is the logical choice for demanding, embedded applications simply because SPARC development environments streamlined the creation of complex designs on short time lines. With more than two million developers and over 30,000 applications, the SPARC community ranks among the world’s largest while SPARC definitions continuously demonstrate the exceptional versatility of this open architecture.

We encourage inquiries from college professors and university students learning the SPARC architecture definitions.

If you are interested in becoming a member of SPARC International and would like more information regarding the benefits of membership please direct your inquiries to